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Black/Yellow Gold  with ponytail
Bow - Tie Dye



Bow Capri Zebra front with black back
Bow Navy Dalmatian
Funky Safari/Black with ponytail
In the Pink Bow with ponytail
in the pink twisted tapered headband
Key Ring Fiesta Light with turtle logo
key ring holder with turtle attackment
KeyKeeper frista light with turlte logo
KeyKeeper Lime/Royal/Navy with turtle logo
Knotted Headband Black/Dalmatian
Navy Spirit band-it


Run off from customer order overseas..

pink/yellow/shiny spotted fabric pomchie
Pom ID Berry Delight with royal
Pom ID Funky Safar/Green
Pom ID hot pink/yellow and shiny pink/yellow fabric
Pom ID red/white/sparkly blue
pom shoe black/fanta
Pomchie: N Orange/Lime/Navy/Blue


Sample Product..

PomID blue/black with blue/black/white leopard
Red spirit band-it


Run off from customer order over seas..

Royal/Perla/Black with leopard and black leopard
Royal/Yellow Gold pom shoe
spirit band it lavender fields with butterfly logo
spirit band it pink/capri with dolphin logo
spirit band it sunshine/pink with dolphin logo
Spirit band-it black/capri
Spirit Band-it Black/Pink
spirit band-it in the pink with butterfly
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